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Welcome to an izakaya


Welcome to an izakaya

Friday evening, I went to an izakaya with my classmates and teachers. In Japanese, izakaya is written as 居酒屋: 酒 is the character for "alcohol"...

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My bike's been stolen!...


I'm really pissed off!...I never had any problem while leaving it for hours at the station and the supermarket, and it was stolen at the student village, right in front of the window of another student!...

It's not a matter of money (I was renting it 5000 yen, that is around 40 dollars, for 3 months...), but I don't like to know that this kind of thing happens in Japan too. I've talked about that with many people and it seems to eventually happens if you don't lock your bike. According to the Japanese people, it happens VERY often: obviously they don't know how it is in other countries, because a bicycle wouldn't stay more than an hour in Paris in such conditions!

That doesn't change my overall opinion about security in Japan, but still it's not anymore what it used to be...too much western influence maybe?...

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Purikura is precisely the kind of thing you'll probably find just plain stupid until you try...and realize how fun it is! Provided you don't do it everyday...

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The Taiwanese connection


The Taiwanese connection

Here are a couple pictures from the Nagoya festival I went to last sunday...

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Okazaki castle


Okazaki castle

Today, just a visit of Okazaki castle, which was the birthplace of Ieyasu Tokugawa, the most famous shogun I mentioned a few days ago...

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A taste of the matrix


A taste of the matrix

As my previous post implied, my posts are going to become less frequent and probably shorter too. After my first week, I confirm that the rhythm is fast and sustained! In brief, I am clearly below the average level when it comes to vocabulary and kanji (Japanese ideograms). Some of the students in my class have already passed the JLPT level 2...

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