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No updates for a week...

I'm having personal problems (please don't ask for details...) and I really don't feel like updating my blog. I'll get back to it as soon as possible...

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The steel dragon ride video


The video is available:

Here is a brief description of the ride:

  • it starts with the climb, which I find really scary. It takes so long to reach the top, you have plenty of time to realize how high the dragon is taking you!...Then, upon reaching the top, the train slowly stops at the edge. It's really impressive when you're sitting at the front, because you're already facing down...
  • the drop is awesome!!!
  • next comes a second hill which is nearly as tall as the first. The speed allows for great airtime at the top!
  • the third hill is not as impressive as the first two ones (but it's still 210ft high!). The next series of curves are not scary but go extremely fast and provide amazing sensations!...
  • the ride ends with the dragon's tail, it's actually a series of hops with lots of airtime!

I think the video is much less impressive than the actual ride (you don't get the actual feel of speed and height), but let me know what you think!

And make sure you watch the video until the end, and that you hear what Jeannie says...

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Revenge of the steel dragon

Featuring Peter Rabbit


Revenge of the steel dragon

Feel the thrill of the ride!...

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First exam - results


The exam went pretty well: 128/146 (102/115 on the written test and 26/31 on the listening test), I'm quite satisfied despite a few stupid mistakes I should have avoided. I am a little below the average on the written test but a little over when it comes to the listening test, and that's exactly how I evaluated myself compared to the rest of the class. We have an oral exam in two weeks, which consists in a small conversation where we have to use the grammar points we've been studying.

The PS3 is being released on saturday, I am not going to buy one but some of my friends are interested...and motivated, since they're planning to queue from 4AM right after a karaoke night! Therefore I will probably be able to try it pretty soon, I'll let you know when it is the case.

I'm going to bed right now, it is late and I'm exhausted. 28 hours a week are quite intense, especially when you need to review, prepare the lessons for the next day and, in my case, write vocabulary lists and learn new words (and THAT really takes time).

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First exam


Nothing really interesting today, but I have an exam tomorrow so you can still wish me good luck! Oh, and here's a picture of my diner:

Today's menu: miso soup, salad (with tomatoes, cabbage and salmon, I even added tofu to try, and sesame seeds), rice and chicken nuggets with miso sauce. Yummy!

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将棋 - Shogi

Japanese chess


将棋 - Shogi

As a real game amateur (video games, card and board games, puzzles, I like everything), I wanted to know if board games were popular in Japan. With a friend from the student village, I went to a couple of game shops...

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