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I've just come back from two days in Nagasaki. Nowadays, there's of course no visible sign of the bomb blast, only museums and monuments remind about the past...

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Back to Hita


Back to Hita

I'm now staying with my relatives...

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Lightning fast


Lightning fast

I almost wasted one day and 10000 yen, but thankfully all ended up well. Let me explain...

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Merry Christmas!


Noël has absolutely no meaning in Japan and the 25th december is not a national holiday. It is still celebrated though and many people decorate their house, but it is usually an opportunity to go on a date or hang out with friends.

As for me, I went to Nagoya with a group of friends to have dinner at an izakaya, then the party poopers (10 people!) went back to Okazaki, leaving only 4 of us. We went clubbing and then ended up at a pub, waiting for the first train to go home.

Besides, I have just decided to visit my Japanese relatives, therefore I'm leaving for Kyushu in two days, where I also want to travel and come back right before the beginning of the next semester.

Merry Christmas to everyone!!!

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The secret of the miso soup


The secret of the miso soup

Miso soup is good, fast and easy to cook! Miso is made from soybeans...

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The first term is over


It's over! The last day was really moving. First, my main teacher, Honda-sensei, couldn't hold his tears while making his final speech in class. I kind of understand, because our class was exceptionally great and I will certainly miss this atmosphere too...

Then we attended the ending ceremony. All the students going back home made their speech, and I felt weird seeing all those people I knew leave...

As for my grades, well I'm pretty happy and fully satisfied, because I got first at all tests: written test, listening comprehension, conversation and daily quizzes! Sure, one of us moved to the upper class recently otherwise I'd probably be second, but I'm very happy about the way I improved: I was around the average on the first test, then I just kept improving until I reached the lead.

Yes I'm bragging, but that doesn't mean I'm overall better than my classmates. Several of them have a much better ability to express themselves and know more grammar and vocabulary than I do. It just means that restricted to what we studied in class this semester, and on those particular tests, I did better than the others.

Last thing: you can now email me directly at, it'll go straight to my cellphone.

I have to go, I need to find a place to stay in Nagoya tomorrow night!

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