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Stereo (3D) pictures from Kyushu


If you have never heard of stereo pictures, I strongly suggest you read this post first.

The next update is coming on sunday. Until then, here are a couple stereo pictures taken in december on my Kyushu trip:

Mount Aso:


Kumamoto castle:

Suizenji park in Kumamoto:

The best effects are with "Beppu 1", "Beppu 2", "Suizenji park in Kumamoto 2" and "Suizenji park in Kumamoto 2".

Categories: Travel - Stereoscopy - Kyushu

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Valentine's day


I am not dead, just very busy. Yamasa's speech contest is held in two weeks and today, we had the "qualifying round", therefore I spent a couple hours preparing specifically for that.

Yesterday was Valentine's day, and the rules are a little different in Japan so let me explain:

Rule 1: one offers chocolates

Rule 2: women give, men receive

Rule 3: women give not only to their boyfriend, but also to their friends, colleagues etc.

As a man it's pretty cool, you just receive chocolates from several people. However, men have to return gifts on the White day (March 14th).

Category: Customs

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The Japanese writing system - part 2

Featuring the infamous kanji...


The Japanese writing system - part 2

Second part of the introduction to the Japanese writing system, this time with the infamous kanji...

Category: Japanese language

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A little snack?


In Japan, the word "snack" has two distinct meanings so if you are being offered a snack, make sure you clearly understand which type it is before accepting...

Category: Japanese language

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The Japanese writing system - part 1


I recently mentioned it and I think it's a good time to talk about the Japanese writing system, rightly notorious for its complexity, but today I'll address the easy concepts...

Category: Japanese language

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You must have noticed that I'm being spammed lately, I need to get rid of that. I am going to implement a small filter based on regular expressions, if anyone has a better idea please let me know.

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