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Tarto au Japon is paused!

I'm busy with searching a job, so I've decided to temporarily stop updating the site


No updates lately, because I've decided to start looking for a job and I'm really busy these days. I haven't actually started to search but there are already many issues to solve:

  • apartment: I'm homeless from the 25th june, after that I still have no idea where to go...seems impossible to rent an apartment for not even 3 months, especially for a foreigner.
  • visa: another mess, since there are actually two choices for me but it's too complicated to explain right now.
  • work: first, I need to write my resume in Japanese. Then, searching in Nagoya is more difficult than in Tokyo...but I really like Nagoya, it combines the commodities of a large city with the atmosphere of a small one. Also, I now have quite a few friends here and I definitely don't want to leave. However, there are obviously less job offers than in Tokyo...
  • luggage: the only problem I've solved so far. I've bought lots of small things since I arrived in Japan (cooking utensils, blankets etc) that won't fit in my backpack but that I don't want to throw away. But it's fine, I just found a place to store everything for free!

This week-end, I'm meeting a Japanese friend in charge of the recruitment for his company, and who is going to give me some advice.

Anyway I don't lack inspiration about my blog, I still have tons of topics I want to write about, but I've decided to stop updating for the moment. I might upload some pics every now and then, but I clearly don't have time to write currently. I don't know when I'll be back, it'll mostly depend on how the job search goes. Ideally, I'd like to sign a contract by the end of june, or early july.

OK, got to go, see you soon then! In the meantime, you can still wish me good luck!

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Stereo (3D) pics - Tohoku


Here's a new series of stereo pictures, shot in various places from Ichinomiya to Amihari onsen.

If you have never heard of stereo pictures, I strongly suggest you read this post first.

In the mountain, at Amihari onsen:

Harajuku park (Tokyo):

Temples in Hiraizumi:

Cherry blossom trees in Ichinomiya:

Ikeburuko's escalator (Tokyo):


Meiji mura (haven't talked about this place yet):


Shinjuku park (Tokyo):


Ueno park (Tokyo):

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Golden week


Sorry for the lack of updates lately, but I've been very busy with the golden week that just ended. The golden week is a series of 4 national holidays very close to one another (within 7 days) and represents one of the three main holiday periods in Japan. The other two are the new year and o-bon (お盆, festival of the dead, in summer). These days are:

  • 29th april: birthday of former emperor Showa
  • 3rd may : the post war constitution, put into effect in 1947
  • 4th may : thanks to a law that stated that any day that falls between two national holidays would in turn become a national holiday (some laws are great...), the 4th may became a national holiday. It has been renamed since and has become greenery day
  • 5th may : children's day

It seems that if one of those days falls on a sunday, then the following monday is considered as a public holiday. As you may guess, there are good years and bad years, for instance next year is particularly bad since the only days off will be tuesday april 29th and monday may 5th, the 3rd and 4th overlapping the week-end!...

Anyway, the golden week is usually a great opportunity for Japanese people to travel. Indeed in Japan, it's also not easy to take holidays, as it means additional work for the co-workers who stay...But during the golden week it's different, most people are on holiday and quite a few companies close or run with limited staff, so there's no problem of co-workers left behind...The actual problem is that roads, trains, hotels etc are crowded and prices climb significantly!...

For me, it was rather a "golden opportunity" to stay quietly at home, out of the question that I travel at the same time as everybody else! But then again, "quietly" is not the most appropriate word, in fact I spent my days and evenings in Nagoya and as usual, holidays were more tiring than school...

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The end of the cherry blossoms


The end of the cherry blossoms

The cherry blossom season is over, so here's a series of pictures I never took the time to put online...

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