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Inkan - 印鑑


Inkan - 印鑑

In Japan, one uses an inkan to sign contracts and official documents, instead of a handwritten signature...

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Some good calissons!


Some good calissons!

Last week-end, I had the pleasure to welcome Romain, a very good friend from Aix-en-Provence (south of France, famous for its "calissons", the local pastry specialty) and a very lucky guy!...

Category: Leisure

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Addressing system


Addressing system

In Japan, it's really easy to get confused the first time you're looking for an address on a map and believe me, understanding Japanese doesn't help...

Category: Everyday life

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RSS and ATOM feeds


I've finally implemented both RSS and ATOM feeds, and I wonder why I didn't do it before considering how little time it took...Please let me know if you encounter any bug while using them.

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I'm back


I'm back and ready to start updating this site again. I'll start slowly though, and today there's no particular topic, just a quick overview of my current situation.

I moved into my new apartment on monday. It's rather small but on the other hand it is really clean, fully equipped and very conveniently located. I needed a couple days to adapt since the temperature climbed suddenly and I felt quite tired for two-three days, as if I were suffering from some jetlag.

Anyway, Nagoya is completely different from Okazaki! I particularly appreciate the fact that I don't need to catch the last train (23:56, I'm not going to forget that time...) anymore, I can now fully enjoy "Nagoyan" parties.

For the job hunt, I'm late as expected. But rather than hurrying, I prefer taking my time to get prepared and maximize my chances of success during potential interviews. Concretely, it means:

  • keep studying Japanese
  • get updated about technologies: I've left the IT field for nearly a year, so I need to get back to programming and bring myself up to speed
  • prepare the answers to questions that are commonly asked. As my Japanese level is still not high enough to allow me to spontaneously and comfortably convey all my ideas, especially when it comes to "business Japanese", I'd rather prepare as much as I can!
  • similarly, write a short description about each of my previous professional experiences, so that I can answer more smoothly during the interview

And of course, I also want to enjoy life, especially since I now have quite a few friends here. So I'm pretty busy and I'm already thinking about extending my stay, probably for like two or three weeks, which is not really a problem as I have time and (still) money.

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