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Back after a while!


I've been away for nearly a month but I know you'll forgive me, as january has been especially tough. Most notably because I lost my grandfather about ten days can imagine how I feel and I don't really want to talk about that on my website.

Besides, I got sick like never and even though I've almost completely recovered (it was about time after two weeks!...), I'm still coughing. I'm a bit worried about that and I'm going to see a doctor this week.

Also, my laptop just died and since I hadn't backed up my files for quite a while, I've lost about three months of pictures.

Apart from all that...I'm fine!!! I believe february will be a new start, plus I've finished arranging my new place. I don't need any other piece of furniture, now I can take my time to decorate.

That means I promise I'll start updating my site again very soon. Stay tuned!...

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Happy New Year 2008!!!


Happy New Year 2008!!!

Just like last year, I'm spending the New Year holidays with my family in Hita. I came yesterday with the shinkansen and I have to confirm that this train is wonderful! I usually don't sleep well in public transportations but the shinkansen is particular: just a few minutes before I get asleep...

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