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Merry Christmas 2008!!!


Merry Christmas 2008!!!

2008 is almost over! I've been in Japan for two years now, time just flies by. I have 10 days of vacation from saturday, nothing to write home about in France, but huge by Japanese standards...

Categories: Leisure - Chit chat

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Okinawa 2 - Ishigaki


Okinawa 2 - Ishigaki

The second part of my trip to Okinawa was Ishigaki island in the central archipelago. Let me say right from the start that the main town is absolutely ugly, so ugly in fact that I did not take any picture. Renting a car is necessary, it is the only way to escape the town and visit the remote parts of the island...

Categories: Travel - Okinawa

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Gocart - With a special guest


Gocart - With a special guest

Four. That's the number of go-cart sessions I've now had in Japan. I guess I can say we've become regulars: once a month, a group of about 20 of us books the track for an hour. But last saturday, it was a little different than usual...

Category: Leisure

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Moving - Finally!


Moving - Finally!

I mentioned it some time ago but it is now official, my company has moved. There's one downside: the size of our new office, five times smaller than what we used to have! Because of the series of redundancies...

Category: Job

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