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Kurokawa onsen - Yu no hira


Kurokawa onsen - Yu no hira

I don't have much time to write today, therefore I will just introduce two small onsen towns located in north Kyushu. Both have an authentic atmosphere, are a little isolated and uneasy to reach...Welcome to Kurokawa onsen and Yu no hira...

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Taki no yu


Taki no yu

A few weeks ago, I went to Taki no yu with my girlfriend, in Nagano prefecture, for a three day weekend. I chose Nagano for its proximity as well as its reputation for having lots of great onsen, and our plan was just to escape the city and relax...

Categories: Travel - Onsen

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Resume and cover letter - 2


Following the previous post about the rirekisho, today I'm introducing the other document needed when applying for a job, called shokumukeirekisho. Contrary to its "friend", its format is very familiar...

Category: Job

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Resume and cover letter - 1


Resume and cover letter - 1

Writing a resume and a cover letter is a tough exercise, even in one's first language. Doing it in Japanese is even harder, as it also requires to get familiar with many set phrases used only in that context. Although the Japanese also send two documents when applying for a job, those are not the exact equivalents of the resume and cover letter...

Category: Job

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