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The first part of my trip to Okinawa will be online very soon, but today I'll just give some news: my company is moving !

Oh, it's not going very far, we're still staying in the center of Nagoya and I'm pretty pleased with the new location. I was only ten minutes by bicycle from my workplace but from next month, it's going to be only five!

The reason is a bit sad though: my company's been having rentability problems for several months, they had to downsize and consequently the office has become way too large (and expensive). We hope to get a new start, but if things don't improve I'm afraid it won't last very long.

Besides, I have started to study Japanese again, but this time on private lessons. I have stopped improving for quite some time now and I still have trouble with advanced grammar and business Japanese.

I missed the registration to the proficiency test of december but it's not a big deal, as it is now going to be held twice a year.

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Okinawa - Introduction


It's already the end of october and temperatures have dropped. Last year at the same period, I spent my last ten days of vacations visiting the Ryukyu archipelago, more commonly known as Okinawa...

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There is a very charming place not too far from Nagoya, which I only discovered last week. In a country where everything is new and shiny, where modern urbanism is tasteless, charming places with character are rare. Ogimachi village, north of Nagoya in Gifu area, is one of them...

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Anti-tobacco policy


Anti-tobacco policy

Culturally speaking, Japan is by most aspects the opposite of France and this also goes for the anti-tobacco policy. In France, smoking is forbidden in inside areas but allowed outside, whereas Japan does it almost the opposite way...

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花火, Japanese fireworks


花火, Japanese fireworks

Today, let's talk about fireworks! As in most countries, they are very popular in Japan but they have some specificities which I would like to introduce...

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Go cart session


Go cart session

Last saturday, I had a go-cart session near Nagoya. I've had quite a few in France and even one, memorable, in Cambodia, but this was my first time in Japan...

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