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Safe in Nagoya


Following the disaster, I am safe as Nagoya hasn't really been hit. But I might go back to France for a little while, until the situation is under control...

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No, I haven't disappeared!...I have decided to change the platform for this site, I will most likely move to wordpress. It's going to take quite some time to migrate all the contents, I plan to do it during the Christmas holidays so I can start afresh in 2011.

Developing the blog myself may have been a good idea initially, as no product would completely suit my needs (multilingual handling for instance), but with the explosion of social networks and their related standards within the last couple years, it is not a viable solution anymore. An individual just doesn't have time to develop the necessary components to keep up with the pace.

Update (01/27/2011): I just changed my mind and decided to keep the architecture as is after all. After studying wordpress more thoroughly, I realized that I would have to redevelop too many things to migrate and it's just not worth it...

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Yufuin and Beppu


Yufuin and Beppu

Today, a very short post with only a couple pictures from Yufuin and Beppu, which I got the opportunity to visit again in early january, after my trip to Shikoku...

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Matsuyama - Mount Ishizuchi


Matsuyama - Mount Ishizuchi

Matsuyama, west of Shikoku island, is probably its most popular destination. Like most major Japanese towns, it features a nice castle, at the top of a hill, providing a pleasant stroll with a great view...

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In the valley of Iya


In the valley of Iya

After my brief stop in Okayama, I followed my road until Iya valley, on Shikoku, spending two nights at a mountain hotel. I voluntarily chose a remote and little frequented area in order to recharge my batteries, far from the hordes of tourists...

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As usual, at the end of december, I visited my relatives in Hita and this time, I first spent a couple days on Shikoku, the smallest of the four main islands of japan...But before arriving there, I stopped for a couple hours at Okayama...

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