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Safe in Nagoya


Following the disaster, I am safe as Nagoya hasn't really been hit. But I might go back to France for a little while, until the situation is under control...

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No, I haven't disappeared!...I have decided to change the platform for this site, I will most likely move to wordpress. It's going to take quite some time to migrate all the contents, I plan to do it during the Christmas holidays so I can start afresh in 2011.

Developing the blog myself may have been a good idea initially, as no product would completely suit my needs (multilingual handling for instance), but with the explosion of social networks and their related standards within the last couple years, it is not a viable solution anymore. An individual just doesn't have time to develop the necessary components to keep up with the pace.

Update (01/27/2011): I just changed my mind and decided to keep the architecture as is after all. After studying wordpress more thoroughly, I realized that I would have to redevelop too many things to migrate and it's just not worth it...

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I have the pleasure to tell you that I have found a job! And all the conditions I had defined have been fulfilled:

  • a Japanese company: because it's the best way to improve my Japanese...even though I'll most likely have a very hard time at the beginning...
  • IT-related job: at some point, I was fed up with the IT field and I wanted to change, but I have regained my motivation
  • in Nagoya: I could go somewhere else and start over from the beginning, but I have too many friends here and have no particular reason to go somewhere else. Plus I like this city!
  • from november: it allows me to travel and go back to France before I actually start working

On the minus side, the job isn't technically challenging, it's mostly PHP/MySQL/PostgreSQL-based web development, but it's perfect considering my current Japanese level. It'll be hard enough to improve my business Japanese that I don't think I could handle a technical challenge on top of that. Indeed, business Japanese is tough and there's a whole specific language to learn first. So the linguistic challenge first, then the technical thing at a time! On the other hand, it's a foot in the door, which will allow me to significantly improve my language skills, which will hopefully open new opportunities in turn...

Anyway, I'm still proud about having passed interviews in Japanese. Even if, to be honest, the economic context is favorable to the applicants as there are clearly tons of IT jobs now, which makes it possible for people who, like me, don't have solid business Japanese skills (and it's an euphemism!) to get hired. I even turned down an offer!

About this post's title: 大 means "big", and 成功means "success". Shouldn't be too hard then to translate 大成功...

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RSS and ATOM feeds


I've finally implemented both RSS and ATOM feeds, and I wonder why I didn't do it before considering how little time it took...Please let me know if you encounter any bug while using them.

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New design


Finally, a new skin for the site! Huge thanks to my brother for making this new design!!! You can still access the old version through the "Theme" block though.

As a consequence, I haven't updated the blog lately, I was too busy with integrating the design (those who know a little about CSS will understand that I had to find tricky workarounds for shitty Internet Explorer's bugs). It has been tested on the following browsers:

  • Windows : Firefox, IE (5, 5.5, 6), Opera
  • Mac : Safari, Firefox, Opera

If somebody could test IE7, or Camino (Mac) and tell me what it's like, that would be appreciated...And if you notice any bug, please let me know.

Besides, I have a new mobile phone, my number is 080-3633-0853, but you can also email me at I updated the "Contact" block, now you know how to find me!

Now that this is finally done, I'll start to write again about my last holidays...the best is still to come!...

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I finally passed Max300!


I know, the title of this post won't mean anything for most of you, because I still haven't taken the time to talk about my passion for rhythm games...I'll do it, but for now I'm so happy about this accomplishment that I had to write it!

For the few who know what I'm talking about, here's the score pic:

It's not excellent, but I passed (never managed to do it before, and no bar of course) and it's still a B. Plus I passed it twice today, didn't take a picture the second time though. Now I need to reduce the number of greats and misses and I can expect to get an A...I'm still very far from all those insanely good players who can effortlessly AA/AAA the song though...

And for the others, I'll talk about that again soon!

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