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Resume and cover letter - 2


Following the previous post about the rirekisho, today I'm introducing the other document needed when applying for a job, called shokumukeirekisho. Contrary to its "friend", its format is very familiar...

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Resume and cover letter - 1


Resume and cover letter - 1

Writing a resume and a cover letter is a tough exercise, even in one's first language. Doing it in Japanese is even harder, as it also requires to get familiar with many set phrases used only in that context. Although the Japanese also send two documents when applying for a job, those are not the exact equivalents of the resume and cover letter...

Category: Job

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Moving - Finally!


Moving - Finally!

I mentioned it some time ago but it is now official, my company has moved. There's one downside: the size of our new office, five times smaller than what we used to have! Because of the series of redundancies...

Category: Job

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Paid vacations


I've been working for six months and just received my first paid vacations. Seen from abroad, Japan seems to be a country that has very few vacation days, which people usually don't even take. But does it match the reality?...

Category: Job

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After 6 weeks of work


After a month and a half, I'm completely satisfied with my new job! The boss seems to particularly like me and I am not going to complain about it...

Category: Job

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New job!


New job!

I have finally started my new life in the Japanese business world! As planned, I started on november 1st...

Category: Job

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