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Virus and vacation


My web hosting company has apparently been attacked twice, on Aug 28th and Sep 1st. Some of you, while surfing on my website, have probably been warned by their antivirus software of a worm/virus with the following message: "HTML:Iframe-inf"...

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Merry Christmas 2008!!!


Merry Christmas 2008!!!

2008 is almost over! I've been in Japan for two years now, time just flies by. I have 10 days of vacation from saturday, nothing to write home about in France, but huge by Japanese standards...

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The first part of my trip to Okinawa will be online very soon, but today I'll just give some news: my company is moving !

Oh, it's not going very far, we're still staying in the center of Nagoya and I'm pretty pleased with the new location. I was only ten minutes by bicycle from my workplace but from next month, it's going to be only five!

The reason is a bit sad though: my company's been having rentability problems for several months, they had to downsize and consequently the office has become way too large (and expensive). We hope to get a new start, but if things don't improve I'm afraid it won't last very long.

Besides, I have started to study Japanese again, but this time on private lessons. I have stopped improving for quite some time now and I still have trouble with advanced grammar and business Japanese.

I missed the registration to the proficiency test of december but it's not a big deal, as it is now going to be held twice a year.

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Two pictures


Being quite busy lately, I'm doing a little break with Hokkaido, I'll write again from next week.

Today, just two pictures. First, my mother, who came to visit me in Nagoya for ten days:

And then the farewell party of Naoyuki, one of my best friends in Japan (right behind me on the picture):

The male-female ratio is typical of Japanese parties and no, I'm definitely not complaining about it!

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House of first


House of first

Japanese buildings are crap. Only the マンション (mansion) type roughly guarantees you are not going to share your neighbor's privacy. No problem for me...

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Back after a while!


I've been away for nearly a month but I know you'll forgive me, as january has been especially tough. Most notably because I lost my grandfather about ten days can imagine how I feel and I don't really want to talk about that on my website.

Besides, I got sick like never and even though I've almost completely recovered (it was about time after two weeks!...), I'm still coughing. I'm a bit worried about that and I'm going to see a doctor this week.

Also, my laptop just died and since I hadn't backed up my files for quite a while, I've lost about three months of pictures.

Apart from all that...I'm fine!!! I believe february will be a new start, plus I've finished arranging my new place. I don't need any other piece of furniture, now I can take my time to decorate.

That means I promise I'll start updating my site again very soon. Stay tuned!...

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