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Leaving Shimoda, I went further along the coast and stopped at Dogashima. There's nothing special there but it's really pretty, and there's a rotenburo I definitely wanted to try...Yes, I'd do anything for a good onsen! Of course, it's not worth going to that kind of place if the weather is not good but I was lucky, it was hot and sunny.

Dogashima is sometimes compared to Matsushima, because of its many rocks. I didn't like Matsushima (no nice viewpoint) but Dogashima was great. It's pretty, relaxing...but I'd better show you some pictures:

That rock is called "the elephant rock", I think I don't need to explain why:

I'm not forgetting the highlight...The rotenburo I went for! What's so special about it is that it's perched on a cliff overlooking the Pacific! Look at that picture:

Can you see the small hut?...It's there!

I'm getting there:

The view from the bath is fantastic:

It feels so good:

For those who have forgotten what a rotenburo is, let me remind that it's an open-air bath filled with water from a natural hot's just amazing! Bathing in such conditions, with such a wonderful view, is simply unforgettable!...But I think you know what I mean...

As for the accommodation, there's no cheap option in Dogashima but it didn't matter as I had planned to stay at higher-end places. So I ended up paying 27000yen (about 270 US dollars) for a night at a ryokan. Sure it was expensive, but it was well worth it! First, the hotel's rotenburo was top notch:

Then the dinner was huge, not only in quantity but also in quality. And, it goes without saying, served in the room:

I particularly enjoyed the sashimi carpaccio:

And tuna sashimi:

Simply said, the best I've ever had in my whole life!...The taste was just divine...

And for that price, the view from the room was also exceptional:

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By Romain on 09/13/2007 at 09:16:06

ben dis donc, il est impressionnant ce onsen perché
sur le falaise...
Le repas aussi avait vraiment l'air de pas mal déchirer!!!
Y'en a qui ont du bol!!!

By Alice on 09/17/2007 at 13:21:43

Incroyable site naturel, j'aime beaucoup les photos!! Ca me rappelle un peu mon voyage en Sardaigne, enfin, disons surtout les bateaux!
C'est vrai que Dogashima semble beaucoup plus avenant que Shimoda...
Miss Blondea (lol) se la coule douce dans les onsen alors que nous on n'ose même plus prendre de bains pour ne pas gacher bêtement l'eau en Europe. C'est une bonne solution ces onsen alors; l'eau est-elle renouvelée continuellement ou bien? Comment ca marche?!
Sinon j'te dis à bientôt pour un p'tit resto sur Paris, je serai bien evidemment de la partie! ;-)

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