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Sakura 2008 in Nagoya


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About two weeks ago, it was the cherry blossom season in central Japan. That season doesn't last long and no matter where, one has approximately a week to enjoy the best blooming and this can be much shorter if the weather conditions are not favorable. For those who don't really care about seeing the cherry blossoms in their best state, then it lasts about three weeks between the first flowers blooming and the last ones falling.

The sakuras (the Japanese term) bloom in spring, starting in january in Okinawa, as this archipelago is located at the extreme south of the country and therefore has a warmer weather. Then the cherry blossom front moves north, reaching central Japan in march and ending in may in Hokkaido at the extreme north. It is therefore possible, with enough money, time and nothing else to do, to enjoy the cherry trees for about five months.

There are a couple nice viewing spots in Nagoya but this year, due to lack of time (I had other priorities), I just played lazy and didn't go very far to take a few shots.

In the avenue where I work:

At a temple near my apartment:

That's it for Nagoya, but I also went to Kyoto and I'll put the pictures online tomorrow.

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By Elise on 10/18/2009 at 18:01:27

c'est joli le soir avec les éclairages ^_^

By Darkshadowgirl on 07/26/2011 at 01:23:39

I am planning on going to Japan March 16th-April 1st 2012. Going to Tokyo, kyoto, kinosake, hakone, Osaka area. You think I will catch any hanami watching?

By Tarto on 07/31/2011 at 22:40:38

I'm afraid it will be slightly too early. The dates change every year according to the weather but even if next year is particularly warm, you will need another week to enjoy the full bloom...or you could visit southern Japan instead :-)
Check this link for more details:

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