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Purikura is precisely the kind of thing you'll probably find just plain stupid until you try...and realize how fun it is! Provided you don't do it everyday...

It is extremely popular in Japan and it basically looks like a photo booth, except it's bigger and has no chair to sit on.

As you can see, it is mainly targeted at teenage girls and apart from them and curious gaijins (foreigners), I haven't seen any other type of client...

This one has a green curtain, but actually there are different colors that swap between each shot. Similarly, according to the booth type, the objective can move to perform close or high angle shots. There can also be other gimmicks, such as bars to hold on to or mobile stages. Moreover, since time is limited, you need to hurry to change pose, which brings a dynamic and ludic aspect, with a catchy music to stay focused!!!

It's now time for the Photoshop party! Using the stylus and available tools (stamps, pencils, backgrounds etc.), the goal is to add as many silly stuff as possible within a certain time limit. A tricky exercise, especially when there are 3 pictures remaining and only 20 seconds left!

As you can see, a perfect concentration is required...I'm actually wondering whether this is the reason to my proliferating white hair...

It's over! The pictures are printed as stickers, which just need to be cut and stuck just about anywhere, the only limit being your imagination:

Here are some of our creations:

Oh, and the word "purikura" comes from the English "print club"!

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By cyril on 10/25/2006 at 14:17:35

ça a vachement évolué, depuis les purikura 1ere génération, où on se contentait juste de choisir son décor.

By Tarto on 10/25/2006 at 15:27:34

Ouais, en plus y'a vraiment plein d'options, c'est hallucinant : outils de sélection pour déplacer des morceaux d'image, choix des taille, type, couleur des différents outils, bordure, nombre et disposition des photos, etc etc

By Romain on 10/26/2006 at 09:46:57

c'est vrai que c'est génial les purikura!!!
Je note que moins d'un mois la-bas et te voila déjà transformé en Bisounours high tech... (note que c'est normal: frank et moi sommes passés par là...)
ps: Je remarque que sur certaines photos, tu caches tes cheveux blancs avec:
- Une couronne (photo du milieu à droite)
- Une étrange bande verte (en bas au milieu)
- Plus généralement, avec le haut des photos qui coupent tes cheveux...
On a compris tes trucs!!!!!

By Laurence on 10/26/2006 at 20:53:11

"Print club" ? Mais ils ont vraiment un accent à couper au couteau !! :-)

By shidan on 10/30/2006 at 17:17:51

T'aurais du emmener ton Apple !!

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