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Go cart session


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Last saturday, I had a go-cart session near Nagoya. I've had quite a few in France and even one, memorable, in Cambodia, but this was my first time in Japan.

I was initially invited by a colleague. He and his friends love cars and speed, so much indeed that they seem to be bragging about and comparing their top speed records on highway. They don't even care about automatic radars as they're properly equipped:

This small box is a radar detector, and it is completely legal in Japan.

We were a group of 20 but thankfully, not only crazy drivers and there were even a couple girls who were trying for the first time. Besides, the track was reserved for us for a whole hour. We raced by teams of two, first in a 20-minute time-trial session, then in a 30-minute grand prix...that was intense! As for me, I did pretty well but I didn't even came close to the best. What can you expect against people who train twice or three times a week? Anyway, the whole thing was a blast!

The track itself was in excellent condition, with all types of curves. On the minus side, only one thing: for security reasons, some parts beyond the track had been renovated and reinforced with concrete, making it possible to drive on them and therefore using much larger curves than initially designed.

Now here are some pictures. "Our" karts:

The guy in white is by far the most "hardcore" of the group, and on this picture he is negociating about which karts to use:

The track:

The grand prix at night:

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By Tarto on 09/10/2008 at 07:55:34

Les commentaires sont enfin de retour !

By Emilie on 09/16/2008 at 13:30:35

Youhou ! C'est la fête si les commentaires sont de retour.
Je pense bien à toi, et au temps où nous allions à Nanterre pour le kart.
J'espère te voir bientôt.
Grosses bises

By Tarto on 09/17/2008 at 10:20:13

Merci ma louloute !

By musashi on 09/29/2008 at 12:50:42

Salut RV,
désolé de ne revenir te lire que si tard mais, j'ai été super booké pendant cette période, plus une fracture du poignet, tralala tralal, bref, quel type de kart avez-vous utilé, 4 temps, 2 temps ?, et ta place au final ?

By Tarto on 09/30/2008 at 06:05:03

C'est du 4 temps mais ça va, le tracé du circuit est suffisamment bien conçu pour qu'on ne ressente pas vraiment le besoin d'avoir un 2 temps (contrairement à l'a priori que j'ai eu en arrivant d'ailleurs).
Notre paire (on courrait par équipes de deux) a fini pile au milieu, y'a moyen de faire un chouilla mieux mais les quatre premières places sont intouchables : ceux qui y sont s'entraînent deux-trois fois par semaine sur le circuit (!), donc à moins d'arrêter de bosser et de me mettre au kart à plein temps, je ne me vois pas y entrer.

By Leif on 03/23/2010 at 12:05:21

Are there go carts for kids? My son is seven and did a lot of go carts in the states, but don't know where to find them near Tokyo. We live in a western suburb of Tokyo. Let me know if you have any great places for him to check out. Thanks !!

By Tarto on 03/24/2010 at 16:44:49

Hello Leif
Unfortunately I don't know. The only track I've heard of is Suzuka, and you probably know it already.
Sorry I can't help

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