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Moving - Finally!


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I mentioned it some time ago but it is now official, my company has moved. There's one downside: the size of our new office, five times smaller than what we used to have! Because of the series of redundancies that has been striking the company since the middle of this year and cut the staff by half, the 250 sq meters we had became too large for only seven people (I was totally fine with that size though!...).

Packing the boxes was the perfect opportunity to realize that just like at home, one tends to store tons of useless things:

By the way, here's my boss, which I'm really grateful for acting as a personal guarantor for my apartment :

Here's my desk:

Yes, I had a desktop PC, a Mac and two laptops!...

Here's the meeting room where I had my job interview:

We were right in Nagoya's business area:

Comparatively, the new office feels a little tight to say the least. In fact, it is just a large studio apartment! Here it is, just after arriving and after moving (almost) all of our stuff:

It took us another morning to get everything in order but we are finally done.

Now the great thing is how close the office is to my apartment. I wasn't far before but I've gained another few minutes and if everything goes well, it takes me about 6 minutes door to door. It's hard to get better for someone who does not work from home!

And I love the new area, it's pretty lively and like a flea market with also tons of computer shops and stuff. Maybe I'll take pictures some day...Our street is pretty quiet though, with a small garden right in front where you can see what remains of what probably were beautiful maple leaves:

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By Papa on 12/04/2008 at 15:15:51

Bonne idée ce reportage photo. On se demande d'où tu tiens ça... Et les pandas, vous en avez fait quoi après le transfert ?

By mamie on 12/05/2008 at 01:23:59

j'espère que tu vas te plaire dans ce nouveau bureau , dans ton prochain commentaire , fais une photo de ton bureau personnel une fois ton installation terminée

By Matt on 12/05/2008 at 13:25:15

Je compati avec les cartons car moi aussi je déménage ... Bonne installation.

By Tarto on 12/05/2008 at 16:02:52

Papa : les pandas oui, ça m'a bien fait marrer aussi !
Mamie : Je préfère pas, ça fait à peine trois jours et c'est déjà le bordel...héhé
Matt : Salut Matt ! J'allais justement t'envoyer un mail cette semaine ! Je suis content que tout se passe bien pour toi, entre Noé qui a (déjà !) un an et le nouvel appart à St-Jean-de-Luz. C'est donc surtout à toi qu'il faut souhaiter bon courage (tu comprendras aisément que je ne puisse venir vous filer un coup de main !...)

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