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Sakura 2009 in Nagoya


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This year, I stayed in Nagoya to enjoy the cherry blossom viewing, which ended last week. In a highly densely populated country such as Japan, it may be difficult to imagine plenty of parks in town but Nagoya has a couple ones that offer nice viewing spots.

Today, here is a small visit of Nagoya's major parks, with some beautiful cherry trees...

Meijo park (名城公園)

Right next to the castle park, it has no entrance fee contrary to its neighbor, although that didn't make any difference last weekend as both were crowded. Since I had already seen the castle two years ago, I went to Meijo park this time.

Heiwa park (平和公園)

Actually, it is a huge cemetery with green spaces and famous for its cherry trees. As I wanted to avoid the crowd, I woke up early on a weekday and went there before going to work. I definitely enjoyed the morning quietness, in total contrast with the warm and lively atmosphere of night viewing (which I also love!).

Shonairyokuchi park (庄内緑地公園)

A real park that covers several hectares, where one can lie down to take a nap or read a book, it is by far my favorite. I also went there quite early in the morning.

Of course, it has its own cherry trees area:

Besides, and I had been thinking about that for quite some time, I finally decided to pick up juggling again, which I was mostly practicing in high school. My 5 balls is solid and I'm now practicing a couple patterns:

However my 6 balls is a totally different story and I still haven't managed to make more than 20 consecutives catches, but a guy who was watching me kindly offered to take pictures:

I also have a small video, I will upload it on youtube soon.

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6 comment(s)

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By Céline on 04/19/2009 at 23:10:57

C'est vraiment une saison magnifique !!! Un jour moi aussi je serais là bas pour voir ça ;)

By Tarto on 04/20/2009 at 16:33:54

Vu comme tu es motivée, je ne m'inquiète pas pour ça !

By Elise on 04/22/2009 at 14:47:41

Mais dis donc ! t'es fort en jonglage toi , tu nous avais caché ce talent ;-)

By Eno on 04/27/2009 at 13:24:34

Tiens, ça me rappelle des souvenirs mais le parc de Marly était moins joli sans tous ces cerisiers en fleurs ;l C dingue on dirait des boules de coton ou de la mousse de loin. Question : après la fleuraison ça donne des cerises comme celles qu'on a en europe ?

By Tarto on 04/28/2009 at 09:03:59

Elise : il faut savoir se dévoiler progressivement...;-)
Enora : non et d'ailleurs, les cerises me manquent énormément ! Ca coûte incroyablement cher ici

By Eno on 04/28/2009 at 10:05:09

Je te rassure, ici aussi.... Et elles ne sont pas encore là ! On en est aux fraises.

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