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Contrary to what I expected, I haven't been able to test the PS3. Out of the three guys who were interested in getting one, two gave up the idea and only one actually did it. He showed up in front of the store the day before and queued for 15 hours to get one!!!...At least he had the choice, even though there was nothing to choose. However, I haven't been able to go to his place to try the beast and he just left Japan...

However, some other students here have bought the Wii, the last wonder from Nintendo. Here are my first impressions...

As always, Nintendo innovates and demonstrates its creativity. This time, it comes from the controllers. A sensor detects the controllers' position and even their orientation. You can then imagine all possible video games really become interactive...

On top of that, it's really easy to get the feel of the controller. We tried two games, Super monkey ball and Wario ware, which actually are sets of mini-games, and we really had a lot of fun!...Both games are packed with tons of new ideas and I personally prefer that to graphically outstanding games that lack creativity. Super monkey ball is fun but definitely not a must have, but Wario ware is awesome! It's quite similar to the DS version, but way richer! For those who don't know it, well it's basically a succession of randomly chosen mini-games. The player has few seconds to understand what he's supposed to do and act accordingly: balance a broom, answer the phone, do the hula-hoop, kill flies, throw darts, run, strike with a saber, etc etc, there are hundreds of different things to do. It may sound dumb but try it, you'll be amazed...and actually it attracted many people who were wondering what we were doing...and eventually tried it to.

I didn't dare try Zelda (even though I was holding the game), for the only reason that I was afraid of not being able to resist the temptation and buy a Wii myself. Which would bring about serious consequences, like I would do nothing but playing for the next couple of weeks. If you don't know that fantastic saga, I'm sure you'll be able to find an online test, the full name is "Zelda: the twilight princess".

Here are a couple pictures of our gaming session:

A horse race - just tilt the controller forward to accelerate, backward to make the horse go slower:

Ready for a homerun :

The frisbee went too far on that one:

Pumping to inflate a balloon:

I hope he doesn't hold the steering wheel like that when he's actually driving...:

Rotating the object to identify it:

Mister Olympia:

Dodging the incoming ball:

This is a very small selection, I haven't said anything about the "nunchuk" controller which can be plugged to the main controller to further increase the movement options, nor about the fact that each controller has an integrated speaker, elements that greatly enhance the gameplay experience.

By the way, I gave my first call in Japanese yesterday! Indeed, several of us are going on a week-end and I needed to make a slight change about the reservation. I'm bragging about it because everybody knows that calling is the most difficult exercise...I wasn't really stressed about calling in Japanese, but rather about the fact that my request might not be fulfilled. After all, I'm making lots of mistakes but it doesn't really matters in Japan, as the service is absolutely perfect and I knew they would do anything to help me, unless it really was impossible. But in the end everything went fine and it's been confirmed, we're going to Ise this week-end! I'll sure take pictures, I just hope the weather will be fine, since it's gotten seriously worse over the last two weeks. In november, I was still lying in a park under the sun, now I'm heating up my room...

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By Matt on 12/07/2006 at 19:09:07

TRop fort, tu le croira ou pas mais j'était sûr que tu parlerai de la WII aujourd'hui ... on arrète pas d'en entendre parlerà la radio ... ça a l'air terrrrrible ... (pas bon pour le couple ... sik') ... have fun

By Matt on 12/07/2006 at 19:09:53

ps : pour le gameplay ... voir les vidéo ici :

By Tarto on 12/08/2006 at 15:54:01

Aaaah, la console et le couple, éternel problème...:-)
Sinon ouais, c'est vraiment énorme !

By Jérôme on 12/10/2006 at 16:02:27

AH la Wii !! Un achat prévu en début 2007 ça ^^.

Ce qui peut être rageant, c'est que nous n'aurons pas forcément en France tous les jeux dégentés qui vont sortir au Japon.
Mais qui sait, on a bien eu droit à quelques perles sur DS qui, il y a encore un an ou deux, ne seraient jamais sorties en France, on peut espérer :o).

Et puis il me semble que la Wii n'est pas "zonée" donc elle peut faire fonctionner des jeux de n'importe où... vive l'import ^^ !!

By Laurence on 12/10/2006 at 22:08:41

Eh bien moi aussi j'étais sûre que tu n'allais pas tarder à nous en parler !
Moi-même je dois me tenir au courant de cette actualité vu que le personnage que je joue en ce moment en one-woman-show pour enfants, "Buggy roller", est un petit personnage de jeu informatique qui peut aller dans le monde réel, et qu'il est supposé issu de Nintendo... En plus je gère moi-même la bande son à l'aide d'une télécommande ressemblant à s'y méprendre à la télécommande Wii. Certains enfants y croient à fond à mon personnage, ils pensent qu'ils pourront bientôt aller acheter le jeu Buggy.
Très rigolo.
Bref, la (con)fusion entre réel et virtuel semble se faire de plus en pus grande !...

Bravo pour le coup de fil et amuse-toi bien,

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