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I've just come back from two days in Nagasaki. Nowadays, there's of course no visible sign of the bomb blast, only museums and monuments remind about the past. I chose the wrong day to go there, because the museum I was the most interested in was closed for the New Year. But I still enjoyed my stay, as there are many other things to see!

This column, located north of the city, marks the point above which the bomb exploded:

There are also many statues that symbolize peace and hope in the peace park:

And also churches and western-style houses, reminders of the important role of Nagasaki in trade:

One of the hills hosts the former houses of the most prosperous european merchants, with an outstanding view on Nagasaki bay. That mix of western and eastern atmosphere is simply amazing:

Besides, I'm not into religion at all but in my opinion, the city's charm comes from the numerous small temples hidden throughout the's incredible, if you just go off the beaten tracks, you'll find lots of small temples that are not displayed in guides. It really feels like the city has a lot of secrets to reveal:

To conclude, here are some pictures of the city and bay of Nagasaki, shot from the heights. There are several interesting viewpoints reachable on foot or by cablecar:

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By Myriam on 12/31/2006 at 14:59:05

Salut Hervé, je suis très contente que tu aies pu voir et profiter de ta famille. Léo et moi vous souhaitons tous - surtout aux enfants aux longs doigts ;-)- de joyeuses fêtes de fin d'année et une très heureuse nouvelle année 2007.

By MIKOS35 on 08/13/2010 at 11:46:26

20 ans après mon séjour de 2 mois à MHI Nagasaki (Juillet- Août 87) rien n'a changé.
Merci de me faire resouvenir de cette ville où je n'ai pas eu beaucoup d etemps pour faire du tourisme.

By Tarto on 08/22/2010 at 13:45:58

Je suis content de l'apprendre, dans la mesure où le paysage architectural a tendance à rapidement évoluer au Japon !

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