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When I stayed overnight at Nagasaki, I decided not to go to a hotel but try something different I spent the night at an internet cafe! Yes, you can actually spend a nice night there and I'll show why...

First, you have your own private box:

As you can see, it's fully equipped (PC, TV, playstation 2, DVD player, all within reach of hand)! You can go and pick whatever game or movie you like:

On top of that, there are several types of boxes : I picked the reclining seat type, but there are also massage seats, tatami-style mats, sofa:

As well as larger boxes for two people.

If you're hungry, there's a menu displayed on the wall so you can easily make an order. If you don't want to sleep or are fed up with TV and internet, you can for instance read one of the "few" mangas available:

You can also go to the bar, have a drink and read magasines:

Or even go upstairs to play billiard, darts, table tennis, video games (some on free play!), karaoke,..

When you have enough, it's time to relax and have a shower:

Large, perfectly clean, with everything supplied (towel, shampoo, toothbrush, etc)!

And while you're at it, why not have a foot bath or a massage as well?

Of course it's not the best place if you want privacy, but it's not the purpose and I was alone anyway. But apart from me, who spends the night in such a place? Here are my guesses:

  • young otaku (but I guess they rent a box for a whole year...)
  • greedy or poor travellers
  • drunk salary men who just missed their last train
  • people who want to try something different (that's my case)

It seems that the internet cafe I went to was particularly well equipped but from what I heard from many sources, stuff like mangas, drinks, booths and sometimes showers are totally standard!

So, can one actually sleep well?...Well I certainly wouldn't go there every night but it's quite possible to rest and I'm willing to try it again every now and then. I was a little tired the next morning, but it was essentially because I played until late...

I was about to forget: hot and cold drinks are of course free, and I payed a mere 2000 yen for the whole night (about 20 dollars!).

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By BorKo on 01/18/2007 at 10:15:41

c'est de la boulette ce truc !!!

By Romain on 01/18/2007 at 10:44:02

Je confirme! je suis déjà rentré dans la catégorie salaryman bourré qui rate le dernier train!
Mais j'étais pas le seul et y avait plein de mes congénères bourrés... entre arsouilles on se tenait compagnie

By mamie on 01/18/2007 at 12:36:19

formidable ce cyber café,quel dommage que je ne sois plus si jeune car tu me donnes envie de voyager. maintenant, je me contente de rêver et de suivre tes exploits.
grosses bises

By Musashi on 01/18/2007 at 19:45:38

Salut RV San, je n'ai pas suivi tes récits depuis 2 semaines, pour cause de naissance, un petit Quentin est né le 5 janvier.
En tout cas, je vois que tu profites de toutes les bonnes occasions, j'ai l'impression que tu voyages à notre place. Bon courage pour la reprise!!

By Howard on 01/22/2007 at 01:54:11

nice....!!!!! wow! even the internet café is equip with all these things..Japanese people are so caring!

p.s.: this is Howard from Canada(the one you met in Paris, March 2006)

By Laurence on 01/22/2007 at 20:30:03

Génialissime, ce lieu !!! Avant qu'on ait ce genre de presta en France, surtout à ce prix-là, on a 10 fois le temps d'aller à Nagazaki ! Et puis d'ailleurs, c'est trop typique pour s'exporter je pense. T'as dû te régaler ! Gros bisous.

By Tarto on 01/24/2007 at 15:19:18

@borko : comme tu dis !
@romain : j'ai pas encore pu expérimenter le monde merveilleux des 会社 (que je commence à soupçonner de n'être que des izakayas déguisés), l'an prochain j'espère...
@mamie : et moi j'aurais aimé vivre toutes les choses que tu as faites étant plus jeune...
@musashi : je t'ai déjà envoyé mais permets-moi de te re-féliciter :-)
@howard: long time no see! Yes, it's amazing and btw, they had a DDR on free play, unfortunately it was a 4th mix and the pads were REALLY crappy, so I gave up after playing only 3 songs...if only they had a brand new Supernova instead :-)
@laurence : effectivement, je vois mal ça en France...bisous

By Pozo on 10/10/2008 at 17:53:50

Dit moi, il fond Gunnm en Francais sinon ça sert à rien que je vienne. lol

By Tarto on 10/13/2008 at 13:20:41

Je ne connais pas Gunnm, c'est un manga ?

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