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Japanese bath


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The bath plays a major role in Japanese culture. Its main specificity: the bath is filled once and all family members then bathe in turn. Dirty? Not at all, but it deserves a little explanation.

If the water is shared, it's because it stays clean...Remember, it's exactly like an onsen. Before actually entering the bath tub, one has to clean one's body, otherwise that would be really dirty for the next person. Right next to the bath tub is a shower so you can wash yourself. Don't worry about spilling water on the floor, it is designed for that.

Then you can relax. Put simply, a Japanese bath is actually a shower followed by a bath.

When you're done, you can place a cover on the bath to keep it warm:

Although you can also pour some more hot water if it's too cold to your taste. The Japanese like their bath hot!

Now you know everything if someday, you have the opportunity to bathe Japanese style! And if you followed everything, you have probably understood that there is the same difference between a bath at home and an onsen, as there is between watching a movie at home and going to a movie theater...

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By mamie on 01/24/2007 at 19:03:33

super! grâce à toi, je voyage sans bouger de chez moi.c'est très agrèable et moins fatiguant
et en plus j'ai des nouvelles de tes amis lorsqu'ils ajoutent un commentaire à tes récits
à bientôt sur skype
grosses bises de ta mamie qui pense beaucoup à toi.

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