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Capsule hotel


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I had wanted to try a capsule hotel for quite some time, I finally did it in Akihabara!

I think everybody has heard about capsule hotels, but here is an explanation just in case: as the name suggests, one sleeps in a tiny box. Don't even think about it if you're claustrophobic! Here's a picture of the corridor:

It looks like a spaceship with hibernation capsules!...

Here is my friend Florian just before he's going to enter his presidential suite:

And a close-up shot of the beast:

Inside, just a tiny TV, a radio and an alarm clock. No flourishes, but it's not what you're looking for when you stay here. I must say I slept well, and there was a nice Japanese style bathroom so I could get a real good bath every night.

For the luggage, three solutions:

  • put them inside the capsule if their size allows it
  • store them in a locker: same remark
  • leave them at the reception desk: practically, it means leaving them in the entry hall, which is not the best solution in terms of safety

But capsule hotels were not designed with that in mind. They are typically used as the last solution when one does not know where to sleep. In four nights, I've almost exclusively seen salary men and backpackers, which is really representative of targeted customers.

To be honest, I wouldn't do it again just for fun, but it may help in some situations. However, if you're going to try that kind of "accommodation", I would rather recommend to go an internet cafe, more friendly and cheaper. Indeed, a night at a capsule hotel costs around 4000 yen per night, which is rather expensive considering the services provided.

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By Mlleけど on 04/01/2007 at 04:40:49

Wow.... すげぇ~~

By Walid on 04/02/2007 at 00:34:45

Encore un truc que j'imaginais même pas... On apprend toujours des choses grâce à toi Hervé. Mais juste les regarder sur la photo ces capsules me fait flipper :)

By Ryvireak on 04/02/2007 at 17:32:41

Moi aussi j'aimerai trop les essayer!!

Pas peur moi, au contraire, cela m'attire :p

By BorKo on 04/02/2007 at 18:20:48

Y'a des "capsules" pour 2 aussi ???

By Mlleけど on 04/03/2007 at 03:50:25

Je pense qu'y a pas de capsule pour 2....

By Matthieu on 04/03/2007 at 08:19:39

Peut-on se tenir assis dedant ou pas ?

By Tarto on 04/04/2007 at 16:36:43

Que de commentaires ! Je vous reponds d'ici ce week-end, avec des mises a jour en prime. Je suis toujours en voyage, et je dors souvent dans des coins paumes sans acces internet.
La je suis en montagne dans un superbe endroit, tellement agreable que j'ai decide d'y passer une nuit supplementaire !
Et j'ecris ce commentaire depuis mon tel portable (ca rend bien service mais pour ecrire des longs textes c'est pas le top...) ;-)

By Tarto on 04/06/2007 at 10:20:08

Bon, je viens tout juste de rentrer de mon voyage ! Restez bien à l'affût, à partir de demain je vais mettre un post en ligne par jour pour rattraper le retard...

By Musahi on 04/06/2007 at 13:51:58

On dirait la station Mir !!

By Tarto on 04/06/2007 at 18:14:51

Ouais, j'ai eu une impression similaire, celle de me retrouver sur le plateau de tournage d'"Alien"...Manquait plus que l'alien !...

By Tarto on 04/07/2007 at 03:16:42

Par rapport à vos questions :
@borko : toi, t'as envie de venir me "légumer" dans une capsule...Ah, il est vrai que tu n'es plus tout à fait le même homme depuis le jour où tu as emménagé dans le Marais...Plus sérieusement, j'ai jamais entendu parler de capsule pour deux
@matt : oui, assis en tailleur ça passe, mais faut pas essayer de se mettre sur les talons. Faut dire aussi que je suis plus grand que l'asiatique moyen

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