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Tokyo 2 - Harajuku


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Harajuku, a district with multiple attractions...

Its small streets with their colourful shops make it very popular among teenagers:

And its large avenues with tons of cafes and shops can quite certainly empty your purse:

There are a lot of people and animation on those pictures, but they were all taken on a sunday evening!!! Everything was open, there was people everywhere. Tokyo is just too hectic for me...

We went back to Harajuku the next day, this time to visit Yoyogi park, which has absolutely nothing exceptional compared to other gardens, but it's still nice and a good way to escape from the crazy pace of the city.

The doors are impressive:

French wine:

And right in front, a nice collection of sake jars:

Approaching the temple:

The shy cherry blossoms have just started to bloom:

It was particularly hot and sunny on that day, so we took a nap in the park:

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By Jérôme on 04/08/2007 at 09:31:19

Dis-moi, à quoi elles servent les barriques de vin ? C'est purement décoratif ?
Parce que les conserver comme ça, ça ne doit pas être top pour le vin ^^.

By Tarto on 04/08/2007 at 14:20:49

Ouais, je crois que c'est purement décoratif, mais je peux pas le garantir. En effet c'est pas un simple mythe, au Japon tout ce qui est d'origine française a du succès, donc des fois qu'ils aient eu effectivement l'idée incongrue de conserver du vin dans ces conditions...

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