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Tokyo 4 - Ueno


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Ueno, slightly north of Akihabara, is famous for its museums but also for its park, a popular cherry-blossom viewing spot in end march-early april...wait...that's now! When I went there, the cherry blossoms were only in partial blooming but it was still pretty, especially for someone like me who wasn't used to seeing that:

As the above pictures show, it is a tradition to come with friends or colleagues to sit under the cherry trees, eat...and drink alcohol! Salary men have understood that the cherry-blossom viewing is also a good excuse to get drunk, and some are already totally destroyed at noon...Anyway if you're planning to go, you'd better arrive early, as there are a number of visitors!

Personal opinion: I don't really understand why Ueno is such a popular spot as Shinjuku park is more spacious, prettier, quieter and much more enjoyable...Besides, it has no concrete, and that's important for a park! And to me, it's a much better spot for cherry-blossom viewing. Sure, on the other hand, there is an entrance fee.

Right next to Ueno park is Ameyayokocho's shopping arcade:

I won't detail considering how little time I spent there (barely 20 minutes).

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