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Tokyo 8 - Ikebukuro


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In my quest to see all parts of Tokyo, I also went to Ikebukuro. My goal was to go to the top of Sunshine city, another huge shopping complex which highest tower offers a panoramic view over the capital, but I also went to see, according to the Lonely planet, the world's longest escalator and two of the largest department stores. Usually the Lonely planet is trustworthy, but sometimes it's just totally wrong! Here's indeed the "world's longest escalator":

Disappointing, isn't it? I don't know its length, but I'm pretty much convinced that there are longer ones even in Prague...

It is true however that Seibu and Tobu, two department stores that compete on each side of the station, are huge! I can show you the front of Seibu, but it doesn't reflect the actual size and gigantism impression you have inside:

Next, I got really disappointed...I was really interested in seeing Namjatown, famous for its numerous restaurants that compete for the "best gyoza title". But when I got there, I started to become suspicious, indeed Namjatowm is located inside Sunshine city building, you have to pay go get inside and the entrance looks like that:

It's not exactly what I expected...But I would do anything to eat good gyoza so I paid...and immediately regretted. As I expected, Namjatown is totally artificial, it's like a mini amusement park for kids, with cheesy shows:

I'm not even talking about the gyoza, among the worst I've ever had at a restaurant. Exit Namjatown!

Thankfully, the top of Sunshine city tower was much more relaxing. The elevator is extremely fast and, as soon as it starts, the lighting changes and reveals the pictures on the walls:

Well yes, it's a little superfluous!

From the top, the capital looks like a small scale-model:

When the sky is completely clear, you can see Mount Fuji...

The funny thing is that, in that 10 million people megalopolis, I came across a schoolmate at the top of the tower!

I'll finish with a couple cherry trees, found near Sunshine city:

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By Mlleけど on 04/14/2007 at 07:45:35


By Jérôme on 04/14/2007 at 13:53:36

Mais dis-moi, tu te reposes un peu de temps en temps ? Parce que là j'ai l'impression que tu es "sur les routes toutes la sainte journée" ^^.
Et surtout, en visitant tous ces magasins, tu arrives à te retenir d'acheter ou bien tu craques de temps en temps pour des babioles ?

Sinon, c'est le grand amour entre toi et les cerisiers à ce que je vois :op.

By Jérôme on 04/14/2007 at 13:55:30

Ah, et moi je le trouve sympa l'ascenseur, c'est moins austère que la vugaire boîboîte habituel.
Par contre, l'escalator, bof, bof, il ne me semble pas si imposant que cela.

By Tarto on 04/15/2007 at 04:54:44

Héhé, c'est vrai que j'avais tendance à courir dans tous les avec juste deux semaines de vacances, je voulais en profiter au maximum. Pour les boutiques, je ne craque pas vraiment, je reste raisonnable de ce côté-là. Entre les sorties, les loisirs et les cours, il me reste pas vraiment de temps...
Et oui, j'adore les cerisiers !!! Malheureusement c'est terminé...

By Musashi on 04/17/2007 at 14:23:13

T'as pas craqué pour un GPS made in Japan à force de courir partout ??

By Tarto on 04/17/2007 at 16:09:54

Héhé, pas besoin, je vous explique pourquoi prochainement !

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