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As I said yesterday, my next stop was in Hiraizumi, a small town in the countryside. I arrived the day before, which allowed me to wake up early and go on a boat tour down geibi gorge, with 100 meter high cliffs, the traditional way:

And the guy even sang a traditional local song. Note that in Japan, you must take your shoes off on board:

The kid really looked bored, while his father was drinking sake the whole time...

Back in town, I visited the two main tourist sites. First, Chuson-ji, a large temple complex from the 12th century. It initially contained about 40 temples, only two of which remain today. Located in the heart of the forest, it is reached via a steep path with a great atmosphere, as the path is lined with high trees:

The temple part is not really spectacular, everything is in the forest atmosphere...

The other site worth visiting is Motsu-ji, another former temple complex, however only the pretty park remains:

It must be gorgeous when all trees are in full bloom!...

At the end of the afternoon, I didn't want to waste time and I took the train to go to Tono, further to the north...but that's for tomorrow!

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By Mlle kedo on 04/25/2007 at 18:01:11

J'adore la premiere photo.
Comme une peinture traditionnelle chinoise!!

芸術作品のように 詩情ゆたかな写真ですね!! 

By Jérôme on 04/25/2007 at 19:19:40

C'est vrai que les premières photos donnent plus l'impression d'un paysage chinois que japonais.
Et même les autres, je trouve qu'il y a une différence avec les paysages habituels du Japon mais je n'arrive pas à savoir réellement pourquoi ça me fait cet effet là.

By Pierre on 04/26/2007 at 14:07:18

En effet, c'était bien le meilleur pour la fin.

By Tarto on 04/26/2007 at 14:42:45

Héhé, c'est pas terminé me reste encore trois étapes à décrire...

By Amnesia on 04/27/2007 at 14:22:39

Parfait tout ca..Ce pays n'a décidement rien à envier à notre sois-disant plus beau pays du monde qu'est la France..
Certain coins m'on l'air meme plus mystérieux et attirant que notre St Emilion..

Pour l'instant toutes ces photos me confortent dans mon idée d'aller y passer quelques semaines..

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