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Some good calissons!


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Last week-end, I had the pleasure to welcome Romain, a very good friend from Aix-en-Provence (south of France, famous for its "calissons", the local pastry specialty) and a very lucky guy! Indeed he was offered a 2-week trip to Tokyo by his aunt, for the sole purpose of watching over his cousin who, obviously, couldn't go alone to such a notoriously dangerous country as Japan. Who knows, she might get hit by a bicycle.

Of course, he couldn't reasonably stay two weeks in Tokyo for free without visiting me! So he came on friday afternoon for two nights and considering how little time we had, we had to do as many things as possible! But since he speaks fluent Japanese and had been in Tokyo for a week, there was no integration or jetlag problem and we could fully enjoy those two days.

So right after he arrived, we went to the center to have a drink with a friend of mine, then we spent the evening talking, and we ended up at an arcade, since we both are video games amateurs. I showed him who was the boss at Taiko no tatsujin, then he did the same at Virtua tennis. Romain is also a Virtua fighter amateur:

Unfortunately, even for a player like him, the Japanese level is still a step above. I'm starting to think it's written in the genes...

Then on saturday, we had a friend's surprise birthday party. In Japan, parties start much earlier than in France, since few people (at least few people that I know!) drive to go to parties, so everybody has to catch the last train. Therefore it is not uncommon to begin around 6PM-7PM and saturday it was even worse, as we gathered at 3 to start preparing everything! It may seem scary but after a couple months, you definitely get used to it.

French powaaaaa:

Everyone's getting ready for the surprise:

The puzzle that comes directly from hell, it's been weeks and nobody has yet been able to solve it:

Yeah I know, we look pretty dumb!

What the hell is he saying?

A party in Japan? Well it's like everywhere else, we eat, we drink and we laugh:

Mmmm nice cake:

Well to be honest, it can't be compared to a good French cake but compared to what is usually available in Japan, it was pretty good!

Amazing coincidence...we all went to the same shop to get the birthday gifts:

But trust me, it's not like Nagoya lacks shops!

Here's a group picture to finish:

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By Al on 07/10/2007 at 12:11:44

Hum…il est intéressant de constater le ratio japonaises/mâles occidentaux pour cette soirée.

S’agissant de Romain, le problème va (mal)heureusement s’inverser lorsqu’il prêtera serment !

Salut à vous deux

By Romain on 07/10/2007 at 12:32:31

Merci Hervé-kun pour cet article!
Avis a la population, l'auberge blondeau est super sympa, on y est très bien reçu et le maitre de maison nous invite a des super soirées!!! Un "must visit" si vous êtes de passage au Japon!
Pour Al: si j'ai le concours, je t'assure que je ferai avec ce triste ratio inversé!!!! Bon courage pour ton boulot!!

By Mlle けど on 07/10/2007 at 16:16:14

百聞は一見にしかず... !

By mamie on 07/10/2007 at 22:15:34

cela m'a fait plaisir de voir que tu as passé un bon moment avec tes potes , les photos de la fête sont très bien , aujourd'hui c'était mon anniversaire , mais je ne me suis pas autant amusée j'ai quand même eu beaucoup de mails ainsi que des visites et des coups de téléphone
je t'embrasse

By Jérôme on 07/11/2007 at 21:11:57

Et donc il s'agit de ton nouvel appart' sur les photos ?

By Romain on 07/12/2007 at 10:46:46


By Tarto on 07/12/2007 at 13:22:31

Bon alors en vrac :
- et encore, le pire (ou plutôt meilleur) ratio que j'ai fait lors d'une soirée ici était 8/24 !
- non, c'est pas mon nouvel appart. Pour reprendre la terminologie du père Al, c'est celui de l'unique mâle japonais de la soirée. Si mon appart pouvait être aussi spacieux...
- 伝説のロマン, 伝説のMlleけど...prochaine étape : 運命のロマン et 運命のMlleけど héhéhé...c'est officiel, ouvre prochainement une section "Rencontres" !...
- bisous à Mamie

By Tarto on 07/13/2007 at 15:50:15

Romain ! Devine quoi...j'ai résolu le casse-tête !!!

By Romain on 07/13/2007 at 16:48:24

Comment t'as fait??? c'était quoi la solution????
quand je pense au temps qu'on a passé sur ce truc sorti des profondeurs de l'enfer...

By Tarto on 07/13/2007 at 17:26:59

Haha, je t'envoie un mail pour t'expliquer ! Mais je peux déjà te dire que le salopard a bien été conçu et mérite entièrement le niveau de difficulté inscrit sur la boîte...

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