To Kyushu
To the Tohoku

When it comes to travels, a map is worth a thousand words. This map will give you direct access to most places I have visited. It will be progressively updated, as some places are not displayed yet and some others still have no post related to them.

Note: Okinawa and Yaeyama archipelagos are incorrectly positioned, they are in fact located several hundred miles to the south. This design choice was made for obvious scale reasons.

About the browsers

The dynamic navigation was tested on all major browsers, the best rendering being obtained with Firefox 3 on PC and Safari 3 on Mac.

The map remains fully accessible if javascript is deactivated, but the ergonomics will of course not be optimal.

Note for Internet Explorer users

  • under IE6, navigation arrows and places names are not properly rendered
  • under IE8 beta2, the map only works partially

Note that if you are using Internet Explorer, you had better install and use another browser such as Firefox, Chrome or Opera which are faster, more secure and have much better web standards support.